Ladybug Costume DIY

I had planned to dress up my baby in a ladybug costume when he was still creeping. I wanted to keep it simple without much measuring, cutting & sewing as I didn’t have enough time to do all that. As I did this almost a year back , I don’t have the step-by-step pictures.

Materials Required:

Ladybug shell

  1. Black onesie / Black long sleeve shirt and leggings
  2. Red and black felt fabric
  3. Filling material for the shell
  4. Hook and loop fastener (Velcro)


  1. Black hairband
  2. Pompom ball red/black
  3. Black Cable ties

Steps to make the shell:

I followed this blog to make the shell of the ladybug. But ignored the head part of the bug.

  • Cut two pieces of oval shaped red fabric and black dots.
  • Sew the oval shapes together.
  • Stuff the filler before sewing it completely.
  • After the shell is ready, sew a velcro on its back. I sewed it in two places to fix it firmly to the shirt.
  • Mark the corresponding points on the back of the shirt and sew the other half of velcro.





Steps to make the antenna:

I got the idea of hairband antenna and the velcro from the following link:

Use the cable ties on the hairband to look like antennae and glue a pompom ball to its end.


Note: Adjust the position of the shell on the shirt (velcro positioning) so that baby’s head can move comfortably. After the photo shoot is complete / Before and after the Halloween party, you can remove the shell and use it as a normal shirt.

Finally, here is the picture of my little ladybug 🙂



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