Angry Bird Costume DIY

It’s Halloween time and this is our LO’s first Halloween party. He is too little to understand Halloween. We decided on Angry Bird costume. I wanted to make the costume simple and comfortable for him to wear.

Materials Required:

  1. Felt Fabric
    • Red
    • Black
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Cream
  2. Glue gun / Fabric glue
  3. T-shirt for outline
  4. Pencil & Chart paper
  5. Sewing needle and thread (Red and black)
  6. Scissors

I made this in a hurry but managed to click few pics.

I first drew an outline of his T-shirt on a chart paper.


Made a rough outline.


Drew a circle below the collar opening. It’s too big for a compass. So had to use a thread and pencil to draw the circle.


I cut the chart leaving the sleeves. I cut it along the circle at the bottom.


Now I cut 4 pieces of felt using the above template. 2 Red and 2 Black felt.


Joined the 2 black felt pieces at the shoulder. Did the same for the 2 red felt pieces.


I hand stitched the red and black felt together leaving some place for the filling.

I used the red felt as the upper layer. I used black, white, yellow and cream felt to make the angry bird pattern. Here I used a glue gun to glue the patches onto the red felt.


As I used a glue gun, the pattern got glued instantly.


For the tail feathers, I cut three patterns of black felt. Made it double layered to make it stiff. Sewed it superficially (I don’t have the pictures)

Now I stuffed with the filler material and sewed it completely.


Front View


Side View

The feathers on angry bird’s head can be sewed on to a red cap. As my LO doesn’t like wearing caps, I didn’t do it.


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