Indoor Herb Garden

I’ve always wanted to have an indoor herb garden. I also mentioned it in my last post. I had bought seeds for coriander, dill and spearmint. I bought these colorful planters from the dollar shop and planted it around early March.


Coriander, Spearmint & Dill – March, 2017

I’ve got spearmint plants growing outside but just wanted to try growing them from seeds. It’s taking a lot of time to grow. The coriander and dill plants grew faster.


Spearmint growing from seeds



Dill, Spearmint & Coriander – April 20, 2017

Although it’s not sufficient for Indian cooking, I’m happy that I’ll always have some in my garden! 😀


5 thoughts on “Indoor Herb Garden

  1. carolee says:

    As a professional herb grower, I never did mint from seed because it doesn’t always come true and you end up with mystery mint. You’ll have better results either a) buying a plant that tastes good to you and yes, a good grower won’t mind your asking if you can taste a leaf or b) rooting some from a bunch you purchase at the store. Just remove the lower leaves, leaving about 4 leaves at the top. Make a fresh cut about 1/4″ below the lowest leaf node (where you pinched off the bottom leaves) and bury the stem up to the leaves in moist potting soil. Place in partial shade (like a north window or behind sheer curtains.) Put a bit of plastic wrap loosely over the top for the first 3-4 days. Soon the plant will make its own roots and you will see it beginning to grow. At that point give it more light. Best of luck. Your dill looks terrific!

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  2. Creative Crafts DIY says:

    What a lovely idea, i know it wont b sufficient for our recipes but it gives lots of happy positive energy… i have mint too but need lots of sun rays, if we allow them on ground, its grows like enormous… did hibernate too 😉 mine s doing like that now. Got sprouts again from march 😊 enjoy the gardening 😊👌☺😊💐

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