Burlap & Felt Craft

I made this with a piece of B5 size burlap and some colorful felt fabric. I have added some  embellishments and beads which adds beauty to the colorful felt. This makes a wonderful nursery/kids room decor.

I really didn’t start doing this with an idea of nursery/kids room decor. But eventually realized its best suited for kids room when my toddler boy was too interested in pointing out the sun, the kite, the tree and all those in the frame. He likes it all..! 🙂


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Key & Utility bill Holder

I always had a problem of misplaced keys and utility bills. Living in a rented house, puncturing holes in the wall to fit a key holder was not a good idea. I also wanted to use the empty space on the metallic front door. So came up with an idea of magnetic key and utility bill holder. I purchased all the items from the dollar store.

Key & Utility Bill Holder

Key & Utility Bill Holder

Materials Required:

  1. Cork board
  2. Felt Fabric ( I bought one with a pattern)
  3. Magnet sheet
  4. A pack of push pin hooks ( *You can use hooks with double-sided tape)
  5. Laces & Buttons to decorate
  6. Glue

Cover the Cork board with the felt fabric and glue it at the back. Place the pushpin hooks. I placed them on the left side of the board. Cut a piece of felt to form a pocket that holds the utility bills. Paste the pocket on the right side. Cut a magnetic sheet and glue it to the back of the cork board.

*If you are using hooks with double-sided tape, you have to first place it on the board before covering it with the felt fabric. Cut holes in the felt corresponding to each hook and glue the felt to the cork board.