Clay Flower Basket

Clay flower basket that I made with the help of my teacher, Ms.Kalpana (Kalpana Clay Art). Arranging the flowers in a vase/basket is still challenging to me. Making the flowers is far more easier ūüėČ


Felt Peacock


Felt Peacock Wall Hanging

It was 20 years back, when SV & I made a peacock rangoli for a Rangoli competition at school. It was 1996 and we were in the 6th grade.


Peacock Rangoli at School

I learnt to draw this peacock from one of my mom’s embroidery sketches. I drew¬†this everywhere. Mostly¬†in the last page of all my¬†class notebooks. SV, RK and I were the last benchers in 8th grade. RK had¬†added¬†a tree near the peacock neatly sketching the bark. Since then,¬†I started adding¬†the tree to the ‘last page drawing’.

Two years back I found a black velvet fabric board at the dollar shop. That was the time I was too interested in felt crafts. I immediately got the idea of peacock patchwork on the board using felt. I bought the board and it was lying idle for 6 months. Then I started to work on the paper cutting. Another 6 months passed. I started doing it from last week.

I used embroidery thread for the tree bark. I tried to cut the leaves from felt but it didn’t look attractive. I tried the leaf sequins and thought it looked better. I bought few coloured rhinestones during my last India trip. The colours were¬†perfect for the peacock. The little stars are the ones used in nail art. Nail art stars suited better than the regular star sequins.

Hope you all liked it!

Little Birdies

I made these little birds using felt and was wondering what to do with them.

IMG_1120Recently, we bought Ikea’s Kallax shelf and placed it below the clock in our¬†living room. I tried this combination on top of the shelf. A photo frame, house, books and the birds on either side of the clock.


The house is a replica of¬†GasshŇć-zukuri Minka¬†from¬†Shirakawa-gŇć, Gifu, Japan. I made the photo frame using shells and corals collected from Miyakojima, Okinawa. ūüôā The two Shisas (lion dogs) are also from Okinawa.

Peacock Pattern Wall hanging

I made this simple peacock patterned wall hanging mostly using left over scraps of felt. Its very difficult to organize these scraps and even more difficult to just throw them away.

I cut them in to different sized oval shapes, mixed the colors and glued them together. I added pearl embellishment/seal at the center. I’m happy to see the outcome ūüôā . It looks better than what I imagined. ūüôā

IMG_0213 copy

Burlap & Felt Craft

I made this with a piece of B5 size burlap and some colorful felt fabric. I have added some  embellishments and beads which adds beauty to the colorful felt. This makes a wonderful nursery/kids room decor.

I really didn’t start doing this with an idea of nursery/kids room decor. But eventually realized its best suited for kids room when my toddler boy was too interested in pointing out the sun, the kite, the tree and all those in the frame. He likes it all..! ūüôā


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