My Little Balcony Garden (2012)-2

Posting some more photos of my garden ūüôā


Fenugreek (Methi) Seedlings


Tomato flowers


Little Tomato

I grow Fenugreek and Coriander plants in these big rectangular pots. I planted both at the same time but Coriander seeds take a very long time to germinate.


Fenugreek & Coriander

IMG_0503 copy



Crossandra Flowers & Fenugreek harvest

Flower Rangoli – Ugadi 2012

Another Ugadi Rangoli! This was in 2012. I was in Nagoya and didn’t have many¬†flowers on hand. I used roses¬†from¬†my little balcony garden and bought some¬†chrysanthemums. I like using green leaves in rangoli. Here I’ve used rose leaves.




All these beautiful roses ended up in my rangoli.



M-Seal Craft

Home Sweet Home! I made this during my college days and I just can’t believe it was 10 years ago!!


The background is a square wooden piece painted black. I used white M-seal to craft the flowers &¬†leaves and then painted them using acrylic colours. Finally, wrote/painted “Home Sweet Home” .

The pen stand is so special to me.  It was gifted to me by my college friends in the final year.


Little Birdies

I made these little birds using felt and was wondering what to do with them.

IMG_1120Recently, we bought Ikea’s Kallax shelf and placed it below the clock in our¬†living room. I tried this combination on top of the shelf. A photo frame, house, books and the birds on either side of the clock.


The house is a replica of¬†GasshŇć-zukuri Minka¬†from¬†Shirakawa-gŇć, Gifu, Japan. I made the photo frame using shells and corals collected from Miyakojima, Okinawa. ūüôā The two Shisas (lion dogs) are also from Okinawa.

Moth drinking nectar

This is a video of a moth drinking nectar from the flowers in our garden.The plant is Jasminum polyanthum (Pink Jasmine).¬†We shot this video last spring. Gk spotted the moth and we recorded it immediately with the iPhone 5s we had at that instant. This is something I can’t forget because it was a day before we moved to Tokyo. Now waiting for this year’s¬†bloom. I am seeing some¬†pink buds already ūüôā

Place: Nagoya, Japan
Date: April 30, 2015 

Flower Rangoli – Ugadi 2011


I made this flower rangoli for Ugadi in 2011. We celebrated it at my grandma’s place. ¬†My grandma loves gardening and all the flowers were¬†from her¬†garden. I had posted the pictures¬†in my blog¬†Life‚Ķ!!! It goes on‚Ķ

Link to the post:

Two¬†years back, I saw a facebook profile which had this rangoli picture. I used Google Images to search by image and found¬†that this¬†picture is being used by one of the online greeting website ūüėČ

This is one of the link that copied my picture.

Some more close-up pictures..



And that’s me!

DSC01443 copy