Diwali 2015

We celebrated Diwali yesterday. Diwali is one of my favourite festival. I missed India a lot. The colours, flowers, sweets, diyas…. (and no.. not the crackers). Missed all the liveliness. Here it was just another weekday.

My grandma bought me a silver diya/lamp during my last India trip and it was perfect for this Diwali. The lamp has a Ganesh with five diyas.


I used few flowers from our garden for the decoration around the lamp. I had paper garlands of jasmine and crossandra which was perfect for the background.


I also bought some wall stickers and candles from the dollar shop. The wall stickers looked like rangoli. So I used them as fillers/border around the flower arrangement.

We had some sparklers from last year’s Hanabi and thought our little one might be interested. Gk lit them in our garden space and was persuading him to hold it but instead he started yelling Fire! Fire..!! So we had to stop.. 🙂 Although it was a short and quiet Diwali, we enjoyed it.

Angry Bird Costume DIY

It’s Halloween time and this is our LO’s first Halloween party. He is too little to understand Halloween. We decided on Angry Bird costume. I wanted to make the costume simple and comfortable for him to wear.

Materials Required:

  1. Felt Fabric
    • Red
    • Black
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Cream
  2. Glue gun / Fabric glue
  3. T-shirt for outline
  4. Pencil & Chart paper
  5. Sewing needle and thread (Red and black)
  6. Scissors

I made this in a hurry but managed to click few pics.

I first drew an outline of his T-shirt on a chart paper.


Made a rough outline.


Drew a circle below the collar opening. It’s too big for a compass. So had to use a thread and pencil to draw the circle.


I cut the chart leaving the sleeves. I cut it along the circle at the bottom.


Now I cut 4 pieces of felt using the above template. 2 Red and 2 Black felt.


Joined the 2 black felt pieces at the shoulder. Did the same for the 2 red felt pieces.


I hand stitched the red and black felt together leaving some place for the filling.

I used the red felt as the upper layer. I used black, white, yellow and cream felt to make the angry bird pattern. Here I used a glue gun to glue the patches onto the red felt.


As I used a glue gun, the pattern got glued instantly.


For the tail feathers, I cut three patterns of black felt. Made it double layered to make it stiff. Sewed it superficially (I don’t have the pictures)

Now I stuffed with the filler material and sewed it completely.


Front View


Side View

The feathers on angry bird’s head can be sewed on to a red cap. As my LO doesn’t like wearing caps, I didn’t do it.

Our First Houseplant

Gk had always wanted to buy a houseplant, so he bought a Split-leaf philodendron. This is our first houseplant. I thought it’s too difficult to grow/maintain it and was not confident in the beginning. But now I enjoy tending it.

Split-Leaf Philodendron

Split-Leaf Philodendron

When it rained for more than a week, a layer of white mold had formed on the soil. I’ve seen it in the garden plants before. I usually scrape and remove the layer. But for the houseplant, the formation of mold meant there is a problem. Most probably over-watering in my case. I usually water it once a week but depending on the weather I may have to change it.

Peacock Pattern Wall hanging

I made this simple peacock patterned wall hanging mostly using leftover scraps of felt. It’s very difficult to organize these scraps and even more difficult to just throw them away.

I cut them into different sized oval shapes, mixed the colors, and glued them together. I added a pearl embellishment/seal at the center. I’m happy to see the outcome :). It looks better than I imagined. 🙂

IMG_0213 copy

Burlap & Felt Craft

I made this with a piece of B5 size burlap and some colorful felt fabric. I have added some  embellishments and beads which adds beauty to the colorful felt. This makes a wonderful nursery/kids room decor.

I really didn’t start doing this with an idea of nursery/kids room decor. But eventually realized its best suited for kids room when my toddler boy was too interested in pointing out the sun, the kite, the tree and all those in the frame. He likes it all..! 🙂


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Ladybug Costume DIY

I had planned to dress up my baby in a ladybug costume when he was still creeping. I wanted to keep it simple without much measuring, cutting & sewing as I didn’t have enough time to do all that. As I did this almost a year back , I don’t have the step-by-step pictures.

Materials Required:

Ladybug shell

  1. Black onesie / Black long sleeve shirt and leggings
  2. Red and black felt fabric
  3. Filling material for the shell
  4. Hook and loop fastener (Velcro)


  1. Black hairband
  2. Pompom ball red/black
  3. Black Cable ties

Steps to make the shell:

I followed this blog to make the shell of the ladybug. But ignored the head part of the bug.


  • Cut two pieces of oval shaped red fabric and black dots.
  • Sew the oval shapes together.
  • Stuff the filler before sewing it completely.
  • After the shell is ready, sew a velcro on its back. I sewed it in two places to fix it firmly to the shirt.
  • Mark the corresponding points on the back of the shirt and sew the other half of velcro.





Steps to make the antenna:

I got the idea of hairband antenna and the velcro from the following link:


Use the cable ties on the hairband to look like antennae and glue a pompom ball to its end.


Note: Adjust the position of the shell on the shirt (velcro positioning) so that baby’s head can move comfortably. After the photo shoot is complete / Before and after the Halloween party, you can remove the shell and use it as a normal shirt.

Finally, here is the picture of my little ladybug 🙂


Key & Utility bill Holder

I always had a problem of misplaced keys and utility bills. Living in a rented house, puncturing holes in the wall to fit a key holder was not a good idea. I also wanted to use the empty space on the metallic front door. So came up with an idea of magnetic key and utility bill holder. I purchased all the items from the dollar store.

Key & Utility Bill Holder

Key & Utility Bill Holder

Materials Required:

  1. Cork board
  2. Felt Fabric ( I bought one with a pattern)
  3. Magnet sheet
  4. A pack of push pin hooks ( *You can use hooks with double-sided tape)
  5. Laces & Buttons to decorate
  6. Glue

Cover the Cork board with the felt fabric and glue it at the back. Place the pushpin hooks. I placed them on the left side of the board. Cut a piece of felt to form a pocket that holds the utility bills. Paste the pocket on the right side. Cut a magnetic sheet and glue it to the back of the cork board.

*If you are using hooks with double-sided tape, you have to first place it on the board before covering it with the felt fabric. Cut holes in the felt corresponding to each hook and glue the felt to the cork board.