Ugadi 2016

Back to India for this Ugadi! 🙂 Having a great time with everyone at home. My sister & sister-in-law are also here to celebrate. Lots of fun!  This time I wanted to experiment with the rangoli stencils instead of flower rangoli. We went to the market and bought few of them. These are some of the stencils I bought.


On the night before Ugadi, we made this rangoli at our place.


The next morning, we went to our grandma’s place.  We three of us tried the rangoli using stencils and some flowers. It’s summer here and we weren’t much comfortable doing it as we were sweating all over. We made Obbattu, Vada & Ugadi pachadi. My mom took this opportunity to add Dill leaves/ Sabakki leaves to the vada to make it healthier. My sister is an expert in making Ugadi pachadi. It’s made of jaggery (sweet-happy), tamarind(sour-disgust), chilli(hot-anger), neem(bitter-sad), salt (fear)& mango(tangy-surprise).


DSC02358Copy (2)


There was another wonderful moment. My LO was playing with his Great Great Grandmother 🙂 It was very cute!


Flower Rangoli of Lord Ganesh – Diwali 2013

I tried this flower rangoli of Lord Ganesh on Diwali – 2013. Thought of posting this pic as this is one of my favorite creation. 13 - 11

I love diyas/deepams and this Ganesh diya is my favorite. I bought it few days before the festival.

13 - 6

13 - 10

Ganesh flower rangoli & Ganesh deepam